Judge Koh dismisses Galaxy Ace, International Galaxy S and S II from patent dispute

After presenting all the evidence in its possession, Apple rested its case in the patent dispute case against Samsung today. In the case Apple brought against the South Korean consumer electronics giant, the burden of proof fell on Apple to prove that Samsung knowingly copied the design of the iPhone when designing its Galaxy line of devices. As expected, Samsung argued that Apple failed to meet its legal obligation and that the case should be dropped.

Judge Lucy Koh was having none of it, though she did concede some of Samsung’s points in the objection, deciding to throw out a few Samsung devices from the laundry list of affected devices. The Samsung Galaxy Ace, as well as the international versions of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II were dismissed from the case. The move can be viewed as a hollow victory for Samsung, as the majority of the damages being sought in the case pertain to the U.S. variants of these devices. Further, Judge Koh’s dismissal does not prevent Apple from going after Samsung for the dismissed devices in pending cases with Samsung USA’s parent company.

Now that Apple’s case is finished, Samsung’s task is clear; the company must prove to the jury that it is not infringing on Apple’s patents. In addition, Samsung will try to persuade the court that Apple shouldn’t have been granted the patents in the first place, either because the technology itself was not patentable, or more likely, that Apple’s inventions weren’t actually new. Samsung will base at least part of its argument on a service called LaunchTile, which was designed to allow one-handed use of a smartphone through zooming, and was created in the summer of 2004.

Once the claims from Apple have been properly defended, Samsung will turn its focus to its counter suit against Apple. Samsung is arguing that Apple violated some of Samsung’s own patents, and the company will attempt to convince the jury to rule in its favor.

The case should be winding down this week, giving the jury time to deliberate and decide whether or not Apple should be awarded the $2.5 to $2.75 billion in damages it is seeking.

[via All Things D, Engadget]

  • SCJaredJ

    $2.5-2.75million in damages? No way this case is only for this amount. If so, I feel so stupid for spending 30 minutes today catching up on what I’ve missed over the last couple of weeks. What a waste. Only the lawyers win here….

  • AlexxX

    Thanks for the update!
    hahahahahaha it would be funny though if your typo were correct and that Apple was really after 2.75 million instead of billion lmfao! its disgusting, I can’t stand Samsung for being such a stupid copy cat but I hope they crushh that rotten Apple, powered by Google 😉 they all got a lot of secret society ties of a sort, who knows what its really about,…just another show and destraction for us. why do we have to have 6gHz frequencies super close to our croches?
    sidetracked there…. HTC one X Tegra3 owner here, man , I really admire that little team, well, they were little when I started to buy their devices, starting with the Herald, or P4350, and I hope Google really protects it from an overgrown cancerous destructive apple, but looks like Android has overflown the smartphone horizon, I would enjoy seeing them being digested by competition just like RIM, Microsoft, Samsung, allthe dictator type of corporations. last words I promise, HTC 1X is audyssey 2001/SLASH/Batman’s main utility, white and black respectively in that order. HTC never copies anyone, leave them alone, I want my world’s most personable stylish phone’s! I used to collect watches, HTC phones are also collectible works of art, then consumer product. it annoys me that because of Apple, HTC One X has been delayed, because of web link click or some other absurdity only apple can be so shameless of bringing up, and its Google they are after but no, they go after HTC. AND a lot of people are gonnamiss out this….super weird, ultra futuristic, unusual piece of technology that’s just outthere! it is so visionary, its like Billie Jean! good night, and thank you for the time.

  • Mike Adams

    Pretty sure it’s 2.5-2.75 BILLION in damages, not million.

  • Anthony Domanico


    Yep, that’d be billion…with a b.

  • Actually, it’s not billion with a b. It’s $2.50 – $2.75, or whatever a latte is going for these days. The winner also has to take the loser out to dinner, whilst wearing a dress.

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