Nokia survey: QWERTY keyboard more appreciated in Europe than U.S.

Nokia survey: QWERTY keyboard more appreciated in Europe than U.S.

Last week, Nokia ran a poll asking users to choose their favorite input method on a mobile phone. The choices were number keypad, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and voice commands.

You would think touchscreens will rule the day all around the world but you would be wrong. Sure enough, Americans love them more than the rest of the world, with touchscreen as the best input method selected by 47.22% of respondents, followed by QWERTY keyboard (33.33%), voice command (12.5%) and number keypad (6.94%). In comparison, European countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland voted by a clear majority for the QWERTY keyboard.

Add emerging markets to the mix and the victory of the physical keyboard is clear. For instance, in the Philippines, which has the fastest growing smartphone market in Asia, the picture looks like this: QWERTY keyboard was selected by 40% of respondents, touchscreen – 30%, while number keypad and voice command each got support of 15%.

Now we’re asking you – do you prefer touchscreen or QWERTY keyboard input?

[Via: Nokia Conversations]

  • Anonymous

    Im still using the E71…. Nuff said?

  • Oelevaar

    Qwerty, but you can’t buy one in Europe anymore :S

  • tb

    I’d like a > 4 inch screen and qwerty for the Mrs – She’s using the Xperia Mini Pro a.t.m. and the equally low-specced, ancient Xperia Pro is just about the only option. I’d like a Galaxy S3 (or S2) with a keyboard for her.

  • Eledore

    Tactile interfeces, so physical keys. thats why i still want a qwerty.
    S-E P910, P990, X10 mini pro, and now looking for something new. guess what i live in europe 🙁

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