Microsoft SkyDrive app finally lands on Android

Microsoft released the SkyDrive cloud storage app for iOS and Windows Phone back in December without any signs of an Android version coming in the near future. Sure enough it never did. Here we are eight months later, though, and Microsoft is finally releasing SkyDrive in Google Play as well as updating the current apps with a fresh new look.

The Metro er, Windows 8-style UI is present in SkyDrive now and throughout the entire service, including and the mobile apps. It has a clean design that matches Microsoft’s new Outlook mail plus all the typical features like uploading files, sharing them, and interact with your files from other apps.

If you want to take advantage of that 25GB of free storage, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the free SkyDrive app to become available in Google Play.

[via Windows Team Blog]

  • Travis Keany

    So it DIDN’T finally land on Android then…

  • It doesn’t seems to be on Android.

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