Google+ update lets teens Hangout, and iOS users open links with Chrome

Google+ for iOS and Android got a welcome update today. In this new version, iOS users get to step slightly away from Apple’s infamous wall garden. Google got creative by adding the ability for users to open web links with its Chrome browser (if installed), which does away with iOS owners being forced to use Apple’s Safari browser. Other features affect teens, who now have the ability to both create and join Hangouts. The update also brings bug fixes for Instant Upload that are said to help improve performance.

As for Android, teens get Hangout privileges as well. The new update also brings a grey bar at the top of the window with sharing options, floating timestamps in photo view, and lastly, the ability to report abuse straight from the application.

This is a good update, but it got me thinking. I wonder if Google will catch flack for allowing teens to create and join Hangouts? A feature like this, albeit simple, could be the perfect storm for Google haters to attack the search giant for not being protective of underaged kids. Just saying. Other than that, the ability to open links with Chrome is genius, now if only more third-party apps would follow.

Google Plus’rs on Android, tell us how you like the Magazine-like layout? And iOS owners, tell us if you plan to use Chrome for your outward links?

If you don’t have the Google+ app for your iPhone or your Android device, make sure you hit one of the source links below.

[iTunes App Store] [Google Play Store]


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