Kyocera Rise to land on both Sprint and Virgin Mobile for $20

Kyocera plans to release a new lower-level device called The Rise. The handset will launch on both Sprint and its subsidiary owned network, Virgin Mobile. This lower-level device will come with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) out of the box. Spec-wise, the handset isn’t so impressive. The Rise features a 1GHz single-core chipset, 3.5-inch HVGA display, and 3.2MP camera with LED flash. The phone will also have Sprint ID to offer users a customizable experience.

The Rise is expected to hit Sprint store shelves on August 19, which is the same day the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE drops. Both handsets rock a QWERTY keyboard, but the difference in both is the specs and price. The Kyocera Rise only cost 20 bucks ($19.99) on a new two-year contract, while the Photon Q 4G LTE will set customers back $199.99. Granted, it’s not the best phone. However, if you’re a Sprint user who happens to be a text addict, and doesn’t really care about the insides of a phone; $20 might seem right for you. On the other hand, Virgin Mobile users should think twice, because for $30 more, they could get their hands on the company’s candy bar shaped Venture device. If that kind of form factor doesn’t sway you, then the Rise’s slide-out keyboard might be it.

[via phandroid]


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