Review: CM4 iPhone Card Case Wallet

CM4’s Q-Card iPhone Wallet Case is a diamond in the rough. Every once in a while a case will come along that is actually worth a second glance. The problem with iPhone cases is that the iPhone is a beautiful device. Crafted with care to create an incredibly appealing aesthetically rich experience. It’s smooth, sleek, and small. When you add a case to that, the usual result is a heavier, bulkier phone; so many people choose to risk their delicate glass screen, than ruin the look of the phone.

Well, here comes CM4. The Q-Card iPhone Wallet Case is the perfect size for the iPhone 4/4S. It fits snugly onto the frame, and is made out of soft rubber and fabric. The look is great; it maintains a thin, lightweight iPhone while adding the wallet functionality. Here’s the thing though; CM4 advertises that it can comfortably fit “3 cards…plus cash.” While it does fit one card or I.D very nicely, adding more than that begins to bring up some problems.

¬†Once you add a second card or I.D, it gets extremely tight. Pulling one of them out is never easy, and is almost impossible in a reasonable amount of time, so you usually have to get them both out and them put back the one you didn’t need. Also, as I mentioned before about maintaining the look and feel of the phone, every millimeter matters. When you put this in your pocket with one card, you barely even notice that you put a case on your iPhone However, once a second card or cash is added, you start to feel it get bulky in your pocket.

Ideally this wouldn’t matter if you are a woman and keep the phone in your purse, though you’d still have to deal with getting a card out of there, but for a man it’s simply not feasible.

The Q-Card Wallet Case provides a great solution for anyone who likes having their credit card/I.D close at hand.

You can grab the case right here!

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