Show your AOKP love with these t-shirts from Cruzerlite!

Are you a custom ROM addict and need to show your love of AOKP just a little more? Well, look no further than these AOKP t-shirts. The shirts are offered in a wide variety of colors, as well as a mono or full color versions.

If you don’t know what AOKP is, it’s a custom ROM for Android devices, similar to CyanogenMod. AOKP offers up some great tweaks that you won’t find anywhere else, which has given it the following that it has, and these shirts are just the way to show your appreciation for what the team is doing for our Android smartphones.

The shirts are pretty nice, but at $35 a pop, they are hardly cheap, especially when you consider how much it probably took to make them. Nonetheless, $2 of each purchase will go to the AOKP fund, so you can at least know your making a contribution to the team that makes you so flash happy.

There are two designs of the shirt, which are the full color unicorn, or an all-black alternative.

Hit up the links below to get your AOKP shirt now!

Full Color Logo –  Black Logo

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