OUYA early username reservations starting in September

OUYA early username reservations starting in September

The ever-successful OUYA project has informed its Kickstarter backers that they will be able to reserve their usernames on the upcoming gaming platform in September. The cool part is that those who invested in the company at the time when their product was still in the development phase will get a “Founders Emblem” that will appear next to their username. Yes, you will be able to brag that you were a visionary who believed in OUYA when its existence was merely virtual.

Again, OUYA is an Android-powered gaming console that gets its power from NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor and can work with any TV which can take an HDMI input. It should be available (and start shipping to Kickstarter backers) at some point this fall…

[Via: phandroid]

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    this is all great but they did not say when in september???

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