Retailer says Black Samsung Galaxy S III will come with 64GB of storage, slated for October

Samsung Galaxy S III in black

A week ago, we learned that Samsung was readying the release of its newly announced Black Galaxy S III. Now there’s word that the Korean manufacturer also plans on launching the phone in a 64GB version as well. The news came from popular U.K. retailer, Clove Technology, who confirmed the model to the folks over at Android Central. The well-known retailer also noted that stock of the device will begin arriving early October.

The arrival of a 64GB version is something Samsung talked about delivering on months ago, so to see the company stay true to its word is commendable. Users can add a 32GB or 64GB microSD card in the device bringing the total of gigs past 100. Unfortunately, there’s no word on how much this thing will cost, or whether the 64GB is exclusive to the black version alone.

[via androidcentral]


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