Review: PRIZM iPhone Stand

Let’s get right to it. The PRIZM iPhone stand is two pieces of colored aluminum that you put together to create a stand for your iPhone or iPad, depending on which size you buy. You can then put the stand on a table, counter, airplane tray table, or on display in your shop. It costs $24.95 for the iPhone stand and $29.95 for the iPad stand. Hub Innovations also lists support for Android phone and tablets on their respective phone and tablet sized stands.

Now aside from the sleek look and sturdy build, the PRIZM iPhone Stand is not much more than a cool decorative accessory. Some of its legitimate potential uses include standing your iPhone up during an airplane ride, or maybe putting your iPad on a kitchen counter while reading a recipe. (Though most of these uses for iPad can be achieved using a Smart cover.)

If you’ve got the spare change lying around and feel like adding a modern spin to the way you interact with your iDevice or smartphone/tablet, then check out the PRIZM stand.

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