Steve Jobs’ stolen iPad found in the hands of ‘Kenny the Clown’

Not too long ago we found out the former home of the late Steve Jobs was burglarized, as the home invasion claimed over $60,000 worth of goods. Among the list of stolen items included some very expensive jewelry, two iMacs, three iPads, one Apple TV, a Sodastream soda and a wallet belonging to Jobs himself. Ironically, the burglar was later caught after Apple tracked down some of the devices once they were plugged in.

It turns out the burglar (Kariem McFarlin) who raided Jobs’ home, gave away two iPads. One iPad went to his daughter, while the other went to some street clown by the name of Kenneth Kahn, or better known as Kenny the Clown. This poor schmuck didn’t have no knowledge of the iPad being stolen from Steve Jobs’ house.

Kahn summed up the experience perfectly when asked about the significance of having one of Jobs’ iPads in his possession saying, “It would be like getting a football from Joe Montana that was stolen out of his house,” Kahn told Mercury News. He also added “If this thing weren’t so tragic, it would be comical.” Both tablets along with other belongings has since been returned back to the Jobs’ family.

[Mercury News; via The Verge]


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