Panasonic grows its smart home appliance line, brings NFC enabled Android app for remote access

Panasonic is doing some pretty cool things with its smart home appliance line. The Japanese based manufacturer has announced a new Android app for home automation bringing along a range of smart appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, and healthcare products. The new system is called Panasonic Smart App, and it is build on NFC functionality, which allows users to control their appliances. For instance, if you wanted to send a recipe over to your steam over or whatever, the mobile application makes it happen.

The company also mentioned that it will be releasing a Smart App-compatible washing machine on September 25. Not too far behind the washing machine, will come a refrigerator and air conditioner, which is slated to hit the Japan market sometime in the coming months. The really cool part about the air conditioner (no pun intended) is the fact that it’s going to be internet connected, as this allows users to control the thing outside of the house. Since the air conditioner will carry an internet connected feature, this makes it compatible with current iPhones.

Unfortunately, the company left no details on international availability, so we assume this smart appliance line will have a domestic focus (in Japan) for the time being.

[Panasonic PR; via engadget]


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