Verizon blocks employee vacations September 21st for new iPhone launch

A Verizon Wireless employee that TechCrunch considers trustworthy confirmed to the publication today that Verizon has indeed blocked out vacation days for all of staff, meaning during these days no one is allowed to take a vacation. Guess which days those are. Yup, September 21st all the way to September 30th. September 21st has been rumored for a long time as the launch date of the new sixth-generation iPhone.

If you were at all skeptical about the iPhone coming out on September 21st, you can throw that sense of doubt right out the window. It’s not new for carriers to block employees from taking vacations on the day of an iPhone launch and the days following. The high demand requires as many employees as they can get. In previous years, vacation blackouts were always a good indication of approximately when Apple’s shiny new smartphone would hit shelves.

According to numerous sources, particularly iMore which claims to have confirmed it with insider sources, Apple is unveiling the new iPhone on September 12th and pre-orders could very well begin on the same day. Just like that, two long years of constant iPhone 5 rumors will be put to rest.

Assuming that sales will be even more extraordinary than with last year’s report from Apple that it sold four million iPhone 4S units in the three days following the device’s release on October 14, 2011, exactly one month from today over a million people will have the new iPhone in their possession.

[via TechCrunch]

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