Super PAC App sniffs out all the lies in political ads

One thing I hate about most politicians or government officials, whether democrat or republican, is the shadiness that goes on in their profession. These scumbags pollute the airwaves on TV, internet and radio with either straight up lies or half-truths. A strategy that’s intended to be a well orchestrated rouse for the uninformed to be hoodwinked into something that isn’t real. However, there may be hope for us knowing the truth after all, thanks to  Super PAC, a new mobile application for iOS.

The Super PAC app’s main duty is to sniff out all the lies in political ads, using the same kind of voice detection software seen in an app like Viggle (which uses voice detection to check users into TV shows to earn points for rewards). All users have to do is simply hold up their smartphone during a commercial and the Super Pac app will identify the donors and how factually accurate an ad’s accusations are. Sounds magical, right?

Of course, an app like this has to be created by some pretty sophisticated brains, such as former MIT Media Lab students, Dan Siegel and Jennifer Hollett. The data is siphoned through non-partisan fact checker sites such as PolitiFact and — if you follow politics you should know them well.

In adding more clarity to how the mobile app works, Dan Siegel told CNN the following:

“We’re plugged in with those journalists and they’re feeding us ads on a one-off basis. And then, separately, on our own, we’re signed up for all the newsletters and press sheets that alert us to when new ad’s are put out there.”

This sounds like an impressive application, and I can’t wait to test this bad boy out. Enjoy the video below!

[via TechCrunch]

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