Apple appeals Judge’s decision to let Kodak sell its imaging patents

Apple just won’t take no for an answer. The tech giant has filed an appeal to the ruling that Judge Gropper handed down, which he called Apple out for being “unreasonably late,” when trying to hult Kodak’s sale of its imaging patents. This resulted in the bankrupt picture company being granted the rights to sell its more than 1,100 patents. Apple wants Judge Gropper to reconsider his decision, as the company plans to use some weird Jedi mind trick to turn the Judge’s reason behind his decision against him.

The Cupertino based company said “a prompt appeal of this order is necessary in view of the prospect that Kodak will seek to sell the patents at issue free and clear of Apple’s interests prior to full adjudication of Apple’s appeal.” In simple terms, Apple’s claims were rejected because it was too close to the sale, and now wants to appeal quickly because a pending auction could reassign the patent ownership before it can be reclaimed. Apple feels it owns some of Kodak’s patents from a venture the two companies worked on, Apple’s Quicktake camera.

We don’t know if the iPhone maker has legit claims to Kodak stealing patents it feels it has ownership over. But then again, the tech giant could be stretching the truth to lay claim to a very valuable imaging patent. That being said, Kodak flirted a bit with auctioning off its patents to the likes of Apple, Google and others. Now the company is said to be having second thoughts, and may want to keep its digital imaging patents.

[via engadget]

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