WorldMate’s iOS app gets Hotel Price Alerts

WorldMate's iOS app gets Hotel Price Alerts

WorldMate just made its iOS much better with a new offering called Hotel Price Alerts. As its name says, this feature will alert you when a better deal for an accommodation is found. Available for free within WorldMate for iPhone, it will automatically review your hotel reservations (regardless of where you made the reservation) and let you know when there’s a better price for the same hotel room, or a better price for a similar room at a nearby hotel, or a similar price for a much better room at a nearby hotel.

WorldMate sources deals from over 100,000 hotels worldwide, and the resulting offer is tailored for every individual user by taking into account their upcoming trip, stated preferences and the history of previous reservations.

In addition, when the deal is found, Hotel Price Alerts will make it simple for you to book the deal within a few clicks, as well as cancel your current reservation from within the iPhone app. Pretty cool.

WorldMate (FREE) [iTunes link]
WorldMate Gold ($9.99) [iTunes link]

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