Apple Slides to 7th place in Chinese Smartphone Market Share

While Apple continues to dominate the market share in the United States, impressively holding over 60% by last count of major carriers, the perception of Apple’s world domination took a hit this week as news began to spread that Apple holds a dismal 7th place in the market share for smartphones in China.

Recent numbers are showing that of the 69.1 million smartphones shipped in China throughout the first half of 2012, Apple only shipped a humble 5.2 million iPhones. Now like many successful tech companies based in the US, Apple had trouble getting their products picked up by Chinese carriers, but these results are showing a market share that has been cut by about 50%.

This is rare for a company that doesn’t like to give up market share, and will take companies to court for months and do everything in their power to make sure that they remain on top, and if they’re not on top they’re always climbing.

Their most recent enemy, Samsung, currently holds the number one spot with 19% of the market. Though the Korean company just reached a verdict with Apple and has been ordered to pay over $1 billion dollars to Apple. But all is not lost, according to an IDC analyst; the fall in market share is likely due to many consumers holding out on buying their iPhones, until the new model comes out.

Never doubt the power of Apple; we have yet to see what will happen as the percentage of smartphones vs. regular phones used in China continues to skyrocket as it has been in recent years. The iPhone 5 is expected bring another wave of revenue all of the world, and with the new iPad on its way as well, Apple is sure to retain its 2nd spot hold on the world-wide smartphone market share. The IDC published results showing that Apple held 16.9% of the global market share on smartphones, while Android held a firm top spot with 68.1%. See the IDC press release here.

  • harry

    die Apple, die

    • Quintus Murray

      not happening anytime soon symbian will die by fire

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