Review: Edifier Prisma Bluetooth Speakers

Tired of plugging your iPhone or iPad into a cable and leaving it one room to play music? Well then perhaps you need to join the modern era, and experience the wonders of Bluetooth speakers.

The Edifier PrismaBT Speakers are a few notches above the rest. This 2.1 system offers heavy bass, and clear crisp sound. The pairing is made easy with signal lights on the device. The top of the subwoofer and volume control have light-up LED’s that will turn Red when turned on, and Blue when paired with a Bluetooth device such as an iPhone, iPad or other mobile Bluetooth device.

These speakers are perfect for any room, living room, or small to medium space. While their range of volume isn’t exactly appropriate for loud parties, it will certainly blast music for a few people in a moderate space. Any of your guests can play their music by connecting to it via Bluetooth (though only one connection is allowed at a time) and that is what makes this cool. Don’t like the current DJ? Tell them to disconnect and you can connect your beats from up to 10 meters away.

Edifier brings impressive sound to an equally impressively bundled package.  Now for $130 you are paying for Bluetooth connectivity, so for that money you could get a higher quality but wired system. This is great for someone who is looking to up their sound from laptop speakers or iPhone docks.

Check out Edifier’s PrismaBT Speakers here.

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