Review: Electric Friends Speakers

Alright now, here we have a truly niche product. But this needs to be shared with the world because never before have the cuteness of pets and the convenience of decent quality speakers come together so hilariously.

Now presenting, Electric Friends Speakers. These speakers come in four models, all of which represent four animals. Your options are a dog, a cat, a duck, or a panda bear. Below you can take a look at the dog option.

The Electric Friends speakers provide a space for four AA batteries if you need it to be mobile, but it also comes with a power adapter for home use. The design is pretty straightforward and adorable at that. Your 30 pin connector device, be it your iPod, or iPhone, or iPod Touch, fits right in the belly of the beast (err…cute beast.) Once that’s done just power up your phone, turn on the animal, and the music will play through the speakers in the eyes. Turn the music up loud enough and you can see the eyes vibrating.

For those of you without an iDevice, all Electric Friends come with an AUX input. Okay now here comes the best part. The volume is controlled via the Electric Friends touch sensitive ears. That’s right, touch sensitive. Just press on the left ear to turn the volume up, and the right ear to turn the volume down.

Check out Electric Friends and bring a pet speaker into your home. Oh, and that leash? It comes in a separate baggy in the box, so you can choose whether you want it on or off.


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