The Future of Smartphones After Apple v. Samsung Ruling

The late Steve Jobs swore that he would destroy Android; He accused Google of creating an outright copy of Apple’s ridiculously successful iOS. “I’m willing to go to thermonuclear war on this,” he promised, and while he didn’t live to see the recent ruling of the Apple v. Samsung case citing patent infringement on the part of Samsung, who makes some of the most successful Android products, his goal is well on it’s way. Through history patent infringement has had long lasting effects on products that consumers come to know and love, but after this recent ruling the game may have changed. The world and its tech companies have seen Apple’s wrath, and the extent to which they are willing to go to protect their products.

The future of manufacturing smartphones will inevitably be one that now attempts to conform to stringent borders and guidelines. Samsung and others must now strive to make successful products without infringing on a single Apple patent. In Samsung’s statement after the trial; the company said “Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer.” Will this hold true? The atmosphere that Apple has created may just be the most careful era of invention in recent history. New inventors and established corporate giants alike will have to go back to the drawing board to design products while completely avoiding any ideas or features patented by Apple Inc.

Best of luck to future developers, as Apple has showed us this week that they will spare no expense to bring swift, billion dollar justice, to any company who may dare copy their ideas.

  • Apple will suffer for this. They will spiral in their sordid sess pit of hypocisy. Believe me.

    • Mostro

      I certainly wish this were true because I hate everything Apple stands for and I hate the people who use Apple products ever more.  But, lets face facts here and use some common sense.  How will Apple suffer?  The sheep will always be sheep.  Have you ever actually spoken to an Apple fanboy?  They love Apple like nothing I’ve ever seen and they always will.  This ruling will have no effect at all on Apple.  Apple will become more and more hated from the people that already hated them before all of this.  It will have no effect on the people who use and love their products.  

      • Rosendogrojas

        Mostro…Why do you hate a product that works?  why do you hate people based solely by what they choose to purchases.  This seems like a very shallow reason to be unkind to people because they seem to like one product over another.  I find this sad that there are people such as you that hate a person over a piece of electronic plastic.  I use apple.  and have used android,  and I use pc’s.  So of those items I use.  Which one will you choose to hate me for?  And Why.  

  • Anonymous

    This will go to appeals and Apple will lose a majority of these dress patents. You can’t patent bezel and rounded corner. Also, lets be 100% honest. The jury pretty much admitted they were biased against Samsung and had locked in a verdict for Apple. Two days of deliberations?

  • Gregory C Newman

    from what I heard they could have settled out of court but Samsung said that the realty fees Apple wanted was too high Samsung and other Android OEM”s are already paying Microsoft royalties now they must pay Apple royalties. the aftermath of this is Android smart phones will become more expensive to buy. Maybe Samsung should have sued Apple for putting it’s royaty fees to high. or Apple should lower their royalty fees and make money off Android smart phones like Microsoft does which is the wisest course of action it will make them richer.     

  • What about the Motorola V Apple case? the exact same thing.. but Apple have “Friends” thats the difference… Patent a rounded corners (Seriously?)… the Problem is USPTO for allowing Stupid things like that. The zoom in/out feature u can see it in most phones nowadays.. any ways.. Apple “won” in USA.. but the rest of the world knows how overprice their crap is 😉

  • If the wheel were patented, cars as we know them wouldn’t exist today. What will be next? Patenting touch screens?

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