iOS 6 is Great For Business

While Apple and tech news are touting the latest and greatest features in iOS 6, like the new Siri, Maps, and Facebook integration, iOS 6 may also be the most business friendly firmware from Apple to date. The United States Government, and most large corporate business have long used RIMM for all their enterprise and business needs, but as RIMM seems ill-fated after recent terrible financial news, this may be the perfect time for Apple’s iPhone and iPad to eclipse the enterprise market.

Apple added enterprise support years ago, but now some new features in iOS 6 could really tie the knot for business professionals who have been wary to switch over to iOS. It’s the new features in the Mail app that may be turning executive heads.

Some features are big, and some small, but they all count. If you’re connected to a projector, you can disable notifications so as not to disturb your presentation.

Call reminders will be great for planning meetings on the already powerful calendar app.

With a focus on the mail, VIP mail filtering and notification will bring around a new ease of sorting out your business and personal contacts. Never miss e-mail from your boss or client. You can now make a list of important people whose e-mails you don’t want to miss, and even set specific notification sounds for that exclusive list. No longer will you have to sort through the mass of e-mails that many business people receive on a daily business.

A common desktop mail feature is also now available from your mail app with unique signatures for different accounts. You’ll have the ability to set specific e-mail signatures for your different accounts, something that has been unavailable on iOS for many years.

Perhaps the most useful feature for consumers and business alike is the ability to decline calls with a message.



Now faster than ever you can let people know that you’re in a meeting and you’ll call them back. These are just some of the features that professionals can take advantage off when they upgrade to iOS 6. Time will tell how this will affect Apple’s enterprise market share.


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