Lenovo confirms K860 phablet, priced at 2,188 yuan (344 USD) for Aug. 28

Lenovo has been working sneakily behind the scenes on a smartphone/tablet like device. The chinese based manufacturer has been rumored to launch a phablet called the K860, with a quad-core CPU and 5-inch HD (1280×720 pixels) display. Well, the rumors are no more. Lenovo has finally confirmed that the handset will be hitting stores tomorrow, August 28. The phablet will retail for 2,188 yuan (about $344). Lenovo is producing a limited amount of 2,000 devices at launch, with the expectation that a wider release will come about in the near future. Releasing a limited amount may not be such a bad idea for a company trying to find its rightful place in Android’s chain of manufacturers.

[Lenovo (Weibo); via Engadget (Chinese)]


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