Review: PowerSkin Mobile Charger for iPhone 4/4S

Running out of battery on your iPhone is a plague on humanity. When you don’t have a car charger, or when you aren’t near a plug. PowerSkin aims to eliminate this inconvenience with their line of rechargeable mobile phone chargers. The PowerSkin for the iPhone 4 and 4S provides (insert hours) of extra much-needed battery life to your most prized possession. The case provides an extra 200 hours of standby time and an extra 5 hours of talk time.

This mobile charger features a battery that is rechargeable to 1500 mAh. The case features a convenient on and off switch for when you don’t need the boost and would just like to use your PowerSkin as a case. The best part about the PowerSkin is that alongside its features as a mobile battery, the case also provides a scratch free bevel style cover, is shock resistant, and advertises itself as “anti-dust.” Which I guess holds true as the case doesn’t really get dusty like other rubber based black cases tend to get.

The bottom of the case where the pin connector meets your iPhone leaves two small spaces on either side of the bottom. Aside from that (which is unavoidable based on design,) the case fits snugly on your phone. If of course adds a bit of weight your phone as the case weighs in at .12 lbs, but the convenience is worth it. If you’re a responsible charger and are into sleek cases, this may not be the case for you. However if you’re always on the go and carry your iPhone in a computer case or purse then look into this case. The alternative is to carry an external battery, but having two things to keep track off can be a turn off for some.

Check out the PowerSkin here.

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