LG finally confirms existence of the Optimus G — it’s official people!

LG has decided to the come clean on its superphone dubbed the Optimus G. The Korean based manufacturer has officially confirmed the device by releasing some information based on when it plans to launch the Optimus G. This announcement might have came quickly in light of all the recent leaks about the the phone surfacing on the interwebs. Not including the company sending out its own press release touting an upcoming smartphone that should be impressive.

Of course, once LG sent out a press release teasing its next flagship device, photos leaked of the Optimus G in the wild shortly after. Good thing is, the official press photo of the device looks almost identical to those shot in the wild. The Optimus G is a beast of a phone, it’ll boast some badass features and specs like a 4.7-inch True HD IPS 768×1280 display, 1.5Ghz  Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 2100 mAh capacity battery, 13MP rear and 1.3MP front cameras, all topped off with some Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

LG looks to have really outdone itself with the Optimus G, as the company returns to bringing back the sex appeal its handsets have lacked for years. Unfortunately, the phone will only hit Korea next month, with no specifics on a global launch date. What’s the deal with that LG? Regardless, this looks to be an awesome device, but if LG can’t get it into the states soon, it’ll be overshadowed by what’s available in the market at the end of the year. So get to it, LG!

[via Android Central]


  • Gerry Sanchez

    I want it.  Give it to me now.  Well done LG, just hurry up and bring it state side asap.  I like my Galaxy Note but from what I can tell of the Note 2 possible updates it’s not enough for me to get it.  This on the other hand, is pretty nice. 

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