Nexus 7 ad finds home on Google main page

By now, the world is more than aware of Google’s own Android tablet, the Nexus 7. Introduced in June, the tablet is associated with phrases like “the best Android tablet around”, etc.  Hell, we’re even hearing that the search giant could move around 6-8 million of the devices by year’s end, and doesn’t make it all that surprising that an ad for the tablet has now made its way to Google’s own homepage.

Google rarely throws ads, or anything for that matter, to disrupt the clean look of its landing page. That is, unless there’s a Nexus device involved. We’ve seen and ad for nearly every Nexus phone Google has released in the past few years, and the Nexus 7 itself deserves the same, if not more attention. We wish we could say the same for the Nexus Q.

The Nexus 7 has a lot going for it, in that it’s one of the most powerful tablets on the market due to the ultra fast NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core CPU and a wealth of other great features. But even then, it’s the $200 price point that will get the most attention when it comes to the 7-incher. The lethal combination seems to rendered the Kindle Fire as an underpowered and outdated piece of hardware, but all eyes are on the upcoming September 6th event, where Amazon could unveil another Fire tablet ( be it an update 7 incher, 10 inch Fire, or both) to take on Google’s latest offering.

We’re also sure that Google wants to be able to sell as many Nexus 7 tablets it can before the obvious elephant in the room, Apple’s iPad Mini, makes it to market. While we have our doubts that Apple’s smaller iPad will be $200, it could land with a price tag of $250-$300, which is competitively priced for Apple, but it’s likely not the margins it would like to see. Maybe that’s explains the rumor that it’s cutting its staff at retail stores. That, and to make the lines look even longer with fewer employees on deck to help.

Joking aside, while the Nexus 7 is an obvious hit for Google, the success will likely be strained by Apple and maybe even Amazon relatively soon.

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