Samsung to bring three additional color options to the Galaxy S III — ‘Amber Brown’, ‘Sapphire Black’, and ‘Titanium Grey’

Samsung has been rumored to be releasing a black version of the Galaxy S III for the past couple weeks. Now the Korean based tech company is looking to bring three more colors in the very near future.

The company is sticking with the “inspired by nature” crap theme, by bringing the colors ‘Amber Brown’, ‘Sapphire Black’, and ‘Titanium Grey’ into the fold. With a Garnet Red version already available under AT&T, is it me or is Samsung going with an Autumn look?

Anyhoo, the makers of TouchWiz explained its inspiration behind the color choices, saying how it was “derived from man’s relationship with natural materials and perfectly compliment the handset’s organic experience.” Heh?

I don’t know what the hell Samsung is talking about. That being said, the company stated that getting the new colors will vary, depending on your carrier and the country that you live in, so you might not be able to get your hands on that ‘Amber Brown’ Galaxy S III you could be digging.

All kidding aside, it’s always good for a handset maker to explore a bit by offering consumers different choices in colors. So hats off to Samsung for opting to be different, instead of boring and bland. There’s no word on pricing and release date on these new models.

[Samsung; via Android Police]


  • Anonymous

    I hope they fix the bad call quality issues and not worry about colours at the moment.

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