Apple’s Bid to Ban Samsung Devices Will Have to Wait

With the original trial over the $1.05 billion dollar fine handed down, phase two of Apple’s fierce force of their competitors can now begin. On Monday we reported that Apple had filed a notice for an injunction of 8 Samsung devices they deemed infringed on their patents. They had until today to file, but chose to file early in true Apple fashion.

While Apple’s seeks to swiftly remove their competition from the market, they’ll have to wait. The hearing has been set for December 6th. Samsung and Apple will continue to battle it out in front of Lucy Koh, the judge whose patience was tried often overseeing the patent trials.

The hearing had originally been set for the 20th of September, but that date has been awarded to Samsung in their efforts to lift the US sales ban of their Galaxy Tab 10.1.

All totaled, the eight items that Apple wants banned account for around $465 million in damages, or less than half the $1.05 fine given to Samsung by a federal jury. It has been pointed out that none of the 8 items are any of Samsung’s most popular products today. It was found that 28 Android phones by Samsung were infringing on Apple’s patents, though for now Apple is only filing against eight.

It is possible that in the future, based on the success of lack there of for Apple’s attempted injunction, they may choose to file further and go after the big fish such as Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which is currently one of their flagship products.

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