Siri Fully Functional In Canada, RIMM Tries to Stay In

With the release of iOS 6, Siri will finally be coming to Canada. When iOS 5 was announced, Canadians were quite excited to see the entertainment and use that Siri would bring to their iPhones, but it was announced soon after that Siri would not experience full functionality until much later. Now with iOS 6 around the corner in line with the release of the iPhone 5, Apple is bringing Siri to the iPad 3 and to Canadian Apple iPhone fans.

While Canada is certainly somewhere you’d expect Siri to roll out in sooner, there are many places around the world where Siri has yet to hit. This is due mostly to her language barriers. Currently Siri supports English, French, German, Japanese, and by the end of 2012 will be done adding Korean, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish.

Alongside the news that iPhones in Canada will be receiving Siri, Research in Motion tried to drive some enthusiasm for their new line of phones last week. RIMM met with CEO’s and Executives of some of the biggest carriers in Canada, showing off their latest build and new line of phones in an attempt to get the carriers excited about, well, carrying them when they are released.

It may come as a surprise as we have seen RIMM’s dismal performance here in the US, but it was only in March of 2012 that RIMM ceased to hold the largest portion of the smartphone market in Canada. They claimed this week that they are receiving a “tremendous” response from carriers that have seen that they will soon offer the world. Well RIMM, I hope that’s true, because your stock price is killing my portfolio.


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