Google Play Store adds ‘Recommended for You’ section for apps, movies, and more

The Google Play Store has been receiving quite a  few updates lately, and one of the newest tweaks you’ll find is a “Recommended for You” section. You can add this to the list of improvements to the Google Play Store, along with Smart App Updates, wishlists, and gift card support.

The Recommended for You section just isn’t limited to applications, and you’ll get similar recommendations for movies, music, books, and magazines. Google forms these recommendations by using select data from your YouTube history, apps +1’d by friends, and previous Google Play purchases. While some recommendations are pretty spot on, some won’t be, but that will likely change over time from using your Android phone or tablet.

Although it’s gotten a lot better, app discovery on the Google Play Store can still prove to be quite a chore. With over 650,000 applications available today, this is a simple, yet welcomed feature. Thanks, big G.

Since the Google Play Store updates silently, you won’t receive any sort of  notifications of said update. Just head on over to it and see if it’s waiting for you!

[Via: Droid-Life]

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