Hands On With The Satechi Swift Bluetooth Speaker

Into Mobile goes hands on with the Satechi Swfit Bluetooth Speaker – a little speaker that packs a heck of a punch, and fits all your mobile and laptop speaker needs.

The popularity of Bluetooth speakers is skyrocketing, and with it is the demand for affordable Bluetooth accessories, enter Satechi’s Swift. At $30 this humble one speaker box gives a strong volume boost to any device you pair it with. This is great to carry with you and pair with your iPhone or iPad, as it works flawlessly.

The Satechi Swift has a simple rechargeable battery that is charged via mini-usb, for which it provides a cable. You can keep this little thing connected to your laptop, and provide almost unlimited loud and crisp playback.

The quality of the Swift is truly astounding. When you turn it on and start playing, you expect it to sound very one-directional, and small, but neither of your worries will come to fruition. This speaker sounds like souped up laptop speakers, and delivers clear sound. Aside from being a great music player or movie speaker, this can also function as an external phone speaker, for when you want quality sound for a speakerphone situation such as a meeting or gathering.


You can check out the Satechi Swift BT Speaker here.

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