Horn for Tegra 3 devices is a go – Console-quality looking graphics in your hands

If you were looking to add to your Tegra 3 game collection, NVIDIA and Phosphor Games have a new title for you to check out. Horn is a new game that will immerse you into a console-like world that allows for a healthy amount of exploration, and tells an interesting story along the way.

“Horn is a revolutionary third-person action adventure game where anyone can fully explore and enjoy a beautiful and engaging console-style world, all controllable by touch gestures.  Inspired by the endearing character-based console games, Horn takes the richness of intricate worlds to explore, entertaining characters, thought-provoking puzzles, the excitement of combat, and memorable extraordinary situations – and makes them accessible for everyone to pick up and play.

Based loosely on the Old English tales of King Horn, you play as a young blacksmith’s apprentice named Horn who wakes up to finds your village and lands over run by large fantastic, and sometimes humorous, monsters. It is revealed these creatures are actually the people and animals from your village transformed by a curse, and you alone have the power to free them. On your incredible adventure you carry the loud-mouthed head of one such fantastic creature with you – a somewhat uncooperative and ill-tempered but grudgingly helpful sidekick. Along with this new companion you must use your sword, crossbow, trusty musical horn, and wits to explore the lands, defeat the enemies, and solve puzzles in your quest to undo the curse that engulfs your homeland.”

While Horn is available for iOS as well, the Tegra 3 optimized version brings a couple more visual effects to the table that users will enjoy. Textures are richer and more crisp, and you’ll find more interesting effects that the iOS version lacks as you play the game. Either way, no matter what version you’re playing, it’s loads of fun. Some screenshots of the differences are below.

The world around you truly is something that you’d expect to see out of some console games today, and with that, comes a rather large app size. After the initial download, the game expands to almost 2GB to give you all of the realistic textures throughout the game, so I ended up having to uninstall a couple of applications on my 8GB Nexus 7. This should be a non-issue for those you rocking a device with a chunkier amount of internal storage.

Navigating through the game is rather simple: Swipe side to side to love left and right, and tap on the ground to make Horn walk. Walking can be a little bit of an issue at times, but it becomes more comfortable as time goes on.

If you’re holding onto a Tegra 3 device, hit up the Play Store here to get Horn now!


  • onpoint G

    Yea..I cannot find it in the play store

    • Anonymous

      The Google Play link provided should take you right there. This is also only for Tegra 3 devices, so it likely won’t show in the Google Play Store on your phone if your phone isn’t compatible. 

      • onpoint G

        Thanks blake, I clicked on the link from my pc browser, eventually I was able get there but I’m not sure if I want to take the leap yet and make that purchase…Waiting for gameplay feedback

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