Reuters: Apple and Google CEOs talk patent dispute resolution

Sources for Reuters have indicated that Google and Apple have held several discussions over the past few weeks about intellectual property issues, including ongoing mobile patent disputes between the two companies. Google CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook had a discussion last week in addition to the ongoing discussions between lower-ranking executives in the two companies, and the CEOs are scheduled to speak again soon.

Details are sparse at this point, though we’re expecting some kind of licensing agreement between the companies to be worked out over time in order to avoid costly litigation down the road. This assumes the companies can actually come to some sort of agreement before the legal disputes crop up. The onus is specifically on Google here in light of Apple’s sweeping $1.05 billion victory over Samsung earlier this month. We’re hoping the companies can work out some kind of deal soon, so we can get back to writing about consumer technology instead of lawsuits and patents.

[via Reuters]

  • Gregory C Newman

    Although I am a Windows smart phone and will get a windows 8 smart phone as soon as I can. I am Glad for Android smart phone fans. It is good Business for Businesses to make
    agreements and pay cross patent licensing fees so both businesses can get on with their tasks
    of making money and giving their customers good products with good technology. Apple and Microsoft have already done this; now Apple and Google will hopefully do this.The Android smart phone fans will have to pay more for their smart phones but their devices will have good Apple and Android technology to make their smart phones work very well. follks it looks like Apple will
    get richer. I wish I had some Apple stock Steve Jobs did try to settle with Samsung out of court
    before He had Apples lawyers sue them on Apples behalf. Now they have to pay dearly for the mistakes they made..

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