Activision Anthology games come bring along a dose of nostalgia

Activision Anthology games come bring along a dose of nostalgia

All of you who started playing games with the Atari 2600 console and today own an iPhone or Android-based device will want to check out the Activision Anthology. The application itself is free to download and comes with one free game – KABOOM!, with other classic titles also available from within the app. As you can imagine, controls are tweaked to make it possible to play on a touchscreen, but the graphics remains the same, bringing along a dose of nostalgia.

You’ll be able to access 45 classic Activision and Imagic games titles including Pitfall, River Raid, The Activision Decathlon, Barnstorming, Stampede, Pitfall II, Enduro, Demon Attack and many more. In addition, the games come with built-in leaderboards and achievements so you can see how you stack up against other players. And if you think your performance is especially stellar, you’re free to share it with the world via Facebook.

Finally, for those of you who almost started crying after reading about this app, you’ll love the fact that Activision Anthology also features the original cartridge and box art, as well as original game manuals, tips and strategies from the original game designers. Love it. 😉

Activision Anthology (FREE) [iTunes link] [Google Play link]

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