Xperia Tablet S caught at Sony Canada’s website

In an everything but surprising move, Sony Canada listed the hot-new Xperia Tablet S on its website. There are two versions of the tablet there, one with 16 and the other with 32 gigs of built-in storage. Prices were also unveiled and they are $399 and $499, respectively.

At the moment, Sony Canada says that the Xperia Tablet S is out of stock, which tells us absolutely nothing. We do hope to see that line changed in the near future, perhaps even later this week. If you recall, Sony said U.S. will get the new device on September 7th so it’s fair to assume Canadians won’t be waiting much longer than that.

Presuming you like Sony’s new tablet, your best bet is to keep an eye on Sony’s local website…

[Via: MobileSyrup]

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