AntiSec leaks 1 million iOS UDIDs from FBI agent’s laptop

The infamous hacker group AntiSec have leaked 1 million of the 12 million iPhone and iPad UDIDs obtained from an FBI agent’s laptop, according to a report from The Next Web. The group also reportedly has personal identifying information such as user names, device names, notification tokens, cell phone numbers, and addresses associated with the UDID numbers.

AntiSec reportedly leaked the document via Pastebin to draw attention to the fact that the FBI is using this information to track individuals, specifically via the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA). NCFTA is composed of experts from various fields that investigate cyber crimes. AntiSec kept most of the information private, though published the file to let customers search to see if their devices are part of the FBI’s tracking database, though getting at the information requires a bit of hackery and know-how. To make the process simpler, The Next Web built a tool to check whether your device was included, which we suggest you check out. You’ll need your UDID handy, and if you don’t know how to get at your UDID, you can use TUAW’s tool here.

[via The Next Web, TUAW]


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