Nokia apologizes for falsified Lumia 920 commercial

Earlier today, The Verge called Nokia out for possibly filming its PureView commercial with a professional camera rig instead of the PureView camera showcased in the video. Now, the Finnish company had confirmed that the optical image stabilization (OIS) shown in the video was simulated and apologized for any resulting confusion.

In an effort to demonstrate the benefits of optical image stabilization (which eliminates blurry images and improves pictures shot in low light conditions), we produced a video that simulates what we will be able to deliver with OIS.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but we should have posted a disclaimer stating this was a representation of OIS only. This was not shot with a Lumia 920. At least, not yet. We apologize for the confusion we created.

This admission is disappointing and hurts Nokia’s credibility at a time when it needs people to believe in the company and embrace its technology. You can watch the orignal video Nokia below (look closely at 0:27) and then watch how The Verge uncovered the fake recording in the video on their website.

[Via Nokia, The Verge]


  • Anonymous

    Why? does crApple apologize for it’s Siri commercials? or do they just claim its innovation?

    • Quintus Murray

      ur just jealous

      • Anonymous

        That is exactly what Siri would be programmed to say….

  • Omni11111111111

    Also the third person view that showed both the guy and the girl in same picture got me thinking… There just must be a third person !!! I’m truly a Sherlock Holmes winner here !

    Why on earth I’m not seeing this a anything special ????

  • Linwangk

    nokia is not far from dying

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