T-Mobile celebrates 10th anniversary with launch of unlimited 4G data plans

Today is a special day for T-Mobile for more than one reason. It marks the 10th anniversary of the T-Mobile brand in the United States. Its success so far isn’t too shabby, since it is the fourth largest wireless carrier in the country. In celebration of the big day, the carrier is launching unlimited nationwide 4G data plans, making it the first wireless provider to do so.

The unlimited 4G data plan allows customers to use as much 4G data they want without any data caps and without any throttling once they reach a certain amount of usage — it’s truly unlimited 4G. Anyone who signs up for the new plan will instantly get access to a sale on 4G smartphones such as the HTC One S now selling for $0 on T-Mobile after a $50 mail-in rebate and two-year agreement. For more information, you can visit t-mobile.com/unlimited-data-plan although the link doesn’t appear to be live yet, it just redirects to the home page.

T-Mobile is also remembering the past ten years of progress by reflecting on some of the carrier’s greatest innovations and product launches. It all started in 2002 with the Sidekick and T-Mobile grew steadily from there. In 2005, T-Mobile became the first carrier to let customers check for personal coverage. In 2007, it was the first to allow for calling over WiFi. It paved the way for Android phones everywhere by launching the very first one — the T-Mobile G1 — in 2008. In 2009, it was the first to launch its HSPA+ network and also break away from subsidies.

Happy 10th Anniversary, T-Mobile!

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