Amazon announces updated Kindle Fire, ships September 14th for $159

It’s Amazon’s turn to wow us with some new devices. Hot off the press is the company’s latest 7″ Kindle Fire, more a refresh of the existing device than a complete overhaul. The new Kindle Fire will have a beefier processor, twice the amount of RAM and faster performance. The new and improved Android device will go on sale today and will ship on September 14th. It will cost an affordable $159, $40 less than the original Fire model.

Amazon argues that it’s all about ecosystems, and Amazon has one the biggest with its MP3 library, its Instant Video collection and eReader titles that eclipse any other online retailer. Coupled with the new low $159 price, Amazon may have positioned itself to make a bigger dent in Apple’s commanding tablet market share lead this holiday season.

[Via Amazon]

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