Amazon apps to be preloaded on future Verizon Android devices

Amazon and Verizon are expected to announce a partnership today that will see several Amazon applications preloaded on Verizon Android devices. Beginning today, Amazon’s Kindle, Shopping, MP3, IMDB, Audible, and Zappos applications will be loaded onto all newly launched Android devices on Verizon’s network. No word has been given on whether or not users will be able to uninstall or disable the applications should they decide they don’t want to use them, but we should find out more details about Amazon and Verizon’s partnership at Amazon’s event in Santa Monica later this morning.

Of course, more bloatware is never a good thing for customers, and the move brings even more pre-loaded applications to Verizon devices. Google experience devices and tablets will continue to be bloat-ware free, and as Engadget notes, the mention of these devices suggest that more Google Experience/Nexus devices are in the works and may be coming to Verizon stores sooner than expected. Let the juicy speculation begin.

[via Engadget]

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