New Kindle Fire HD tablets will carry ads on the lockscreen

We have some news to drop for those of you out there considering one of the new Kindle Fire HD tablets. It turns out that Amazon is going to push out ads through all its new Kindle Fire slates. The refreshed 7-inch Kindle Fire, along with the new 7 and 8.9-inch Fire HD, is going to display Amazon’s “Special Offers” promotions and advertisements on their lockscreens. Unfortunately, the Kindle maker left no details on whether users could opt out of receiving ads for the price of a small fee.

That said, we’re sure that most people can live with an ad on their lockscreens, as it shouldn’t be obtrusive to the overall user experience. Besides, there are ads that include deals such as a $5 credit for Amazon’s movie and music services. It was a shrude move by Amazon not to mention during its announcement that all of its Kindle Fire HD tablets will be ad-supported. Lets face it, ads aren’t cool. However, it is creative for the company to keep them only on the tablets lockscreen. Amazon took many of shots at Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, but it also gave the search giant ammunition to go after this thing with the ads.

Will having ads on the lockscreen prevent you from buying a Kindle Fire HD?

[via Amazon]

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