Nokia Lumia 822, 5-inch HTC device caught at Verizon systems

Nokia Lumia 822, 5-inch HTC device caught at Verizon systems

Looks like Verizon Wireless is preparing to spice up its portfolio with two new devices, namely the Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC 6435, which was leaked before as the company’s first phablet with a 5-inch screen. The two phones were caught at Verizon’s Device Management System (DMD), which usually means the carrier is preparing for launch (though doesn’t necessarily proves that). However, if we can take the screenshots Engadget got as a proof, Verizon’s version of the Lumia 820 will be available in grey and white, and is already sitting at one of Verizon’s warehouses. HTC 6435, on the other hand, will most likely first get a new name prior to official announcement.

We’ll make sure to follow this story and let you know as soon as we catch a new tidbit of data. Stay tuned in the meantime, k?

  • Gregory C Newman

    Thanks for the info I was about to jump to AT & T to get a Nokia smart phone. I  believe there are already pictures of the back of a Yellow colored Nokia 822 and it has it’s camera orientation is just
    like the Lumia 920’s which means it may a 4.3 inch screen Lumia with a PureView Camera with interchangeable backs, Dual core CPU, NFC, with a Micro SD card memory expansion slot like the AT & T 820 has. if this is true then Verizon’s got My money right now. ladies might like this smart phone because you can change backs to have a colorful two tone smart phone. Thanks
    “Verizon”  I guess Verizon and Nokia May be in special Pre launch Negotiations before they
    announce anything. windows smart Phones are said to launch in October. I bet you Mr. Ballmer.
    and “Verizon  Mr.  Macadam’s and Nokia CEO Mr. Elop  may be together on stage to announce the Nokia 822 on Verizon and who Knows Maybe just maybe Verizon will get a 922 Verizon’s version of the AT & T 920. Wow that is just what Nokia needs to penetrate the USA smart phone market place    

    • Conor Raypholtz

      922 is likely. they want a big reveal along side the wp8 OS launch. and you will notice the 922 has a higher designation than the 920 and is supposedly on a larger carrier…. if this is all true id imagine that nokia is hiding the real flagship.

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