Machineworks to bring Duke Nukem Mobile to iPhone

Machineworks to bring Duke Nukem Mobile to iPhone

Classic 2D shooter Duke Nukem Mobile may soon hit the AppStore, with Machineworks preparing to launch a Kickstarter project and raise funds to make that happen.

The idea is release both Duke Nukem Mobile and Duke Nukem Mobile II: Bikini Project as a single title called Double Duke Deal. The game itself will be free to download and Machineworks hopes to make money from in-app purchases, allowing users to either earn (by completing various tasks) or buy (with real-world money) Duke Cash, which will let them [players] get better gear, equipment and so on.

Machineworks intends to ask for $45,000 for the project and in case their goal is surpassed, all additional cash will be used for prettying up the graphics.

Something tells me that goal will be easily achieved. And if you want to be among the first ones to try out Duke Nukem Mobile, keep your eyes on Kickstarter…


  • I already have Duke Nukem 3D on my iPhone…. ¬†Will this be like the old 2D platformers?

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