McAfee: Almost all mobile viruses are made for Android

McAfee: Almost all mobile viruses are made for Android

The anti-malware experts from McAfee said they’ve seen a 1.5 million increase in malware since the first quarter of this year. Moreover, they’ve also identified new threats such as mobile “drive-by downloads”, the use of Twitter for control of mobile botnets, and the appearance of mobile “ransomware”.

According to McAfee, as PC malware writers master their craft, they continue to transfer their skills to mobile platforms with Google’s Android OS being their most popular choice. In fact, Android malware shows no signs of slowing down, and virtually all new mobile malware detected in Q2 2012 was directed at this platform. McAfee goes on suggesting that this malware was comprised of SMS-sending malware, mobile botnets, spyware and destructive Trojans.

In order to stay safe, you should install software from trusted sources only and carefully read the app permissions. Of course, you can also install some anti-malware solution like the one McAfee makes. I don’t have it installed on my Android smartphone, but then again – I *really* carefully watch the app permissions…

[Via: CellularNews]

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