T-Mobile prepaid MVNO UltraMobile launching soon

T-Mobile prepaid MVNO UltraMobile launching soon

UltraMobile is an upcoming MVNO that will run on top of T-Mobile’s network. The idea is to offer prepaid unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of high-speed data for just $49 per month, and compete with the likes of TracFone, Ting, Jolt Mobile, Solavei and others.

It is said that UltraMobile has been working to hire dealers for its service, and plans to launch its offering sometime next month. The company will focus on selling SIM cards only, along with accompanying contract-free plans.

In addition to the mentioned $49/month plan, UltraMobile will also offer cheaper options, starting from $29 per month along with the pay as you go plan.

The MVNO has a live website from where you can sign-up (using your email) and learn when they’re up and running…

[Via: FierceWireless]

  • Noty sure how Ultramobile’s 1 GB of data would even come close to competing with Solavei’s 4GB at 4G speeds and unlimited after that at 2G/Edge speeds – especially since both plans cost $49 a month. Click my profile for more info.

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