Verizon adding Mobile Security app for its line of Android phones

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Verizon plans on putting more bloatware on your Android devices, but this time it’ll actually be for a good reason. The largest wireless provider in the United States is introducing a McAfee-based Mobile Security app to be preinstalled on all of its Android handsets, with a free version and a $1.99 per month version.

Security companies like McAfee see a golden opportunity to fill a void Android is lacking at the moment. Bottom line is, phones powered by the green little robot don’t have security features like device location and remote wiping. Those features are present on just about every Apple product, and they’re praised in the industry for its effectiveness. Google is struggling to put a stop to dangerous apps in the Play Store, so this gives carriers like Verizon or even Sprint the chance to offer its own remedy to the problem.

Verizon’s two versions of mobile security break down with Mobile Security Basic, which offers McAfee’s antivirus and malicious website detection software, while Mobile Security Premium adds the ability to track what information apps are sending and receiving in addition to allowing users to locate, lock, or remotely wipe an Android device using My Verizon account details.

That being said, bloatware is bloatware, and I’d prefer if subscribers didn’t have the application forced down their throats. Choice is good.

[via pcmag]


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