Apple’s New iPod Nano Looks A Whole Lot like Nokia’s Lumia

For a company who goes nuts over patent infringement, and was just awarded $1+ billion dollars from Samsung for just that, the new iPod Nano revealed at the Apple event today looks remarkably similar to the Nokia Lumia.

While they may look similar however, “thugtacular” on has pointed out that it just looks “like 2 old Nano’s stacked almost exactly top to bottom and the black screen edge turned to white.” He also correctly points out that the Nano was released a year before the Lumia 800.

Whether Apple will catch any flack for this remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. We are currently in the midst of an enormous patent war. One where companies are looking for anything to sue each other with.

The new Nano certainly resembles the Lumia, and we’re not the only ones that think so. Just check out some of the comments under this CNET article.

MyNokiaBlog thinks the same thing, and so does Twitter.

Best of luck to Apple in the coming days. Many Apple haters are thirsting for a reason to call hypocrisy on Apple. But for now, hey, finally a new iPod.

  • MrSnowman

    Yep. All those corners are similar.
    I think Nokia should go for it. It has been proven to work before.

  • Diego!

    Nokia, your move! Go get them! :[

  • The Lumina actually looked pretty close to the 2004 iPod design.   We could play this game forever…

  • Sergey

    nokia hasnt complained about it so who are those to complain?lol,just please leave apple out of this

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