Characteristics of smartphone users [infographic]

Characteristics of smartphone users

In today’s infographic we look at attitudes and characteristics of people who use smartphones. To no one’s surprised, Apple’s handset remains the single most loved device with 65% of iPhone owners surveyed saying they can’t live without their shiny gadget. Moreover, 15% would rather give up sex than go a weekend without their the iPhone. Weird or what?

The infographic also goes through app usage, suggesting that the following categories were most used by people who had downloaded an app: games (64%), weather (60%), social networking (56%), maps/search (51%), music (44%), news (39%), entertainment (34%), finance (32%), movies/video (26%) and shopping (26%).

It’s also worth noting that many smartphone owners use their devices at social setting, and some even during sport matches… Here’s all that and much more, neatly presented in an infographic prepared by OnlineColleges.

Characteristics of smartphone users

[Via: 3TEND]

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