Delta And American Airlines Have Their Eye on Passbook in iOS 6

Passbook is creating quite a bit of buzz and anticipation for the release of Apple’s newest mobile firmware, iOS 6. Though there is still come debate as to whether the iPhone 5 will feature NFC technology that is currently already being seen in some Samsung phones with Google Wallet, iOS 6’s Passbook is sure to take a swing at putting your wallet, and other essentials, right onto your phone.

Passbook essentially functions as a digital place to keep all your coupons, gift cards, and most importantly and potentially revolutionary, boarding passes. This last feature is what has companies jumping for an opportunity to bring the ease of a boarding pass on your phone, to its customers.

Usually when a new feature is rolled out, especially something that can be classified as an App or smartphone feature, it takes adoption on a mass-scale to actually be successful. Another problem is backing by big names; Google has been running Google Wallet on select Android devices for years, but how often do you see a Visa or MasterCard commercial for Google Wallet? Well now there’s some hope for Apple’s Passbook.

American Airlines and Delta are looking to bring their boarding passes to Apple’s Passbook in iOS 6. While we know now that the new iPhone won’t have NFC technology, it would still be a huge boost for every iOS 6 user who flies American or Delta, to have their boarding passes on their phone.

The transition from paper to digital is one that almost always meets resistance. Much like the idea of reading a book on a device was met with skepticism before the Kindle, it will be interesting to see how many frequent fliers change the way they travel with Passbook.

  • Chuck

    Can you get by TSA without a paper boarding pass?

    • Chris Poole

      Yep. American already lets you use their mobile boarding pass app, but I’d grab a paper one just in case if you have time.

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