Google flaunts its milestone of 500 million Android devices activated

Google found the time to sneak in some pretty interesting numbers before Apple held the day hostage with its iPhone 5 announcement. The search giant announced an incredible milestone of 500 million Android device activations. Hugo Bara, Android’s director of product management, touted the company’s glowing achievement in a Google+ post saying, “Today is a big day for Android… 500 million devices activated globally, and over 1.3 million added every single day.”

Of course, these are hugely impressive numbers that flaunt the ad company’s huge stranglehold on the mobile device market. It’s a slick back hand to its biggest rival, Apple. Besides showing off its latest success in Android activations, the king of search has been hard at work with winning potentially innovative patents to take its mobile operating system to the next level.

Recently, Google nabbed a patent for a technology known as “Smart Glove,” and for all we know it could be tied into Android, Project Glass or both. The company also won a patent that would allow users take calls using both ends of the phone. It’s clear that Google just wanted to be noticed ahead of Apple’s big day.

That being said, we’re all waiting to see and hear more about the this year’s Nexus phone. We expect to see the features and specs beefed up, making it a real competitor to not only the iPhone 5 but all Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Will you contribute to the more than 500 million activations by buying a new Android phone, or opt for the iPhone 5 instead?

[via cnet] [Image: Claireasabella (Flickr)]


  • OT, but is that little Android figure for sale? He’s so cute!

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