Hands On With The Phiaton PS 320 Headphones

The battle for over-ear headphone comfort and quality is never-ending. As more and more celebrities like Snooki, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and others start their own headphone lines, the in-store search for quality sound is overshadowed by-product placement and brand power. Phiaton is a fairly new entry into the market of high-quality headphones to challenge to the top-selling Bose.

Phiaton’s PS 320 headphones are a notch above the rest. The first problem that I encounter with over-ear headphones like Dr. Dre’s Solo HD’s is comfort. Most over ear headphones are tough on the ears and apply too much pressure that over time leads to pain. This over-ear model from Phiaton do a good job of not applying too much pressure, and provide long-lasting comfort. The headphones aren’t too heavy and don’t feel to big on your ears, though that may be a complaint for some. These may be over ear but unless you have tiny ears they won’t completely cover your ears, which can lead to sound leakage.

But aside from the small size of the actual earphones, these headphones are sturdy and secure. They fit nicely and comfortably, and don’t have a cheap plastic band like you find in some other big name brand headphones. They come with a pretty snazzy carrying case, and are aesthetically straightforward. If you’re looking to drop a few hundred dollars on Bose headphones, first take a look at Phiaton.

Phiaton provides great sound quality for a variety of situations at a fair price. ??These are just the range you should be looking for to get some nice headphones for your iPod or iPhone. They also do a good job of muffling any background noise, which would be ideal for most situation where you’d want to listen to your iPod.


You can check out these great over-ear headphones here.

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